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Our vision for Nobori Sushi.

Owning and managing a restaurant is sometimes hard work. Details must be attended to at all times. Making sure the fish is as fresh as it can be, the menu items are in stock at all times, and the sushi chefs and service staff is doing all they can do to assure that every customer is happy, takes daily effort.

In return, we take great satisfaction and pride in that many of our customers have been faithfully coming here to enjoy fresh, healthy food for many or all of the eight years we have been in Glenview.

Almost my entire family has worked in the restaurant with me. So, in many ways, it has been my family working to make sure that you and your family can depend on Nobori Sushi to always be a great experience. And, in that way, we feel we are very much a part of the community.

Noboru Nakamura​


From Nobori customers. Thank you.


Customer from Glenview, IL

"The sashimi is always fresh and tastefully prepared. The sushi rolls are made to order with fresh ingredients and range form the traditional rolls to the uniquely Nobori rolls. It can be difficult to order at other establishments but not at Nobori. The menu has color pictures of the unique sushi rolls. Every detail of the dining experience has been thought out and well planned. 5 stars for Nobori!"

Customer from Wilmette, IL


"Noboru, the man, is a delightful and gracious host to Nobori Sushi, the casual and intimate restaurant in Glenview. Our family consistently chooses to dine at Nobori because of the outstanding quality and presentation of their sushi as well as a number of wonderful Japanese entrees. Nobori is always introducing us to a new delicacy that he his chefs have prepared."


Customer from Morton Grove, IL

"We dine here and carry out regularly. We like the rolls and every one we've tried is excellent. The Chicago Fire roll is our favorite. Noburu-san is always there - to us a good sign for any restaurant. As other reviewers said, prices are not cheap, but who really wants cheap sushi. We find the ingredients to be alway fresh and the dishes are prepared with skill and care."


Customer from Rosemont, IL

"First and foremost, if you are used to trendy sushi places run by non-Japanese people with sushi rolls that are more show than food, then this is not the place for you.  If you are looking for fresh sushi where the fish is the main event and typically served to you by the Japanese owner himself, then this is the right place.  I lived in California for nearly 10 years.  This place is just as good, if not better, than my favorite sushi places right on the Pacific Ocean".


Customer from Chicago, IL

"Nobori has fresh fish and their specialty rolls are amazing. Each one that I have tried has a generous serving of fish, and their tempura isn't greasy. The Chicago fire roll is one that I cannot compare any other roll to. My other favorites are the rainbow roll with shrimp tempura, the orange roll, and the Hawaiian roll.

"The owner is so nice and friendly. I always feel comfortable when I walk in, regardless if I dine in or carry out."

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